What the papers say – September 14


ews of coronavirus vaccines for young and old feature on many front pages on Tuesday, with details of booster vaccines expected to be announced by the Government.

The Times leads with a report saying people older than 50 will be offered a booster Covid jab in the coming months, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying 33 million adults can receive a Pfizer or Moderna vaccination.

A similar story leads The Guardian, the paper reporting the Prime Minister will set out a “widespread acceleration of the vaccine programme”.

Vaccines for those aged between 12 and 15 feature on the front of the Daily Mirror, Metro and i, with all three saying the single Pfizer dose for teenagers will be rolled out from next week.

The Sun also leads on the “Jabs Blitz”.

The Daily Telegraph writes parents will be urged to have their children vaccinated to ensure classrooms are kept open.

The Prime Minister is “confident” the booster shots and scrapping of many Covid-related restrictions as part of a blueprint for winter will prevent further lockdowns, writes the Daily Express.

But The Independent says there are concerns about the strain on the NHS and schools over winter.

And the Daily Mail says Mr Johnson will warn the pandemic is “far from over”, with Number 10 refusing to rule out further lockdowns.

In other news, the Financial Times leads on the plan to build a bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland having been “killed off”.

And the Daily Star writes “posh morons” caused traffic problems after blocking junctions on the M25.

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